Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I've moved!!!

From now on, I will be posting new reviews and blog posts on my new site, BrittInToyland.weebly.com

New blog

Please visit me there and thank you for reading!

Monday, July 14, 2014

HedoVibes Review Roundup #50

Welcome to HedoVibes, a collection of reviews and giveaways that were posted in the past week or so from around the web. This is a collection of adult product reviews & contests from real reviewers. If you want to be included in the next edition start with the guidelines, then use the submission form.
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Friday, July 11, 2014

Review: Liberator Fascinator Throe

Allow me to profess my love for the Liberator Fascinator. If there’s one bedroom accessory any fun loving sexual being needs in their life, it’s a Liberator Fascinator, hands down. It’s the perfect complement to any sex toy collection. Sex is rarely a clean affair. Female ejaculator? No more will you have to lug your comforter to a laundromat to wash it every week. Get a little messy with body paints? Just throw down your Fascinator and you won’t have to fight over who has to sleep on the sticky spot. Hands get a little slippery during a massage? Craving some period sex? I think you get my point. The Fascinator is incredibly versatile. Hell, I’ve even used mine when my dog was sick so she didn’t vomit on my bedding. It’s easy to throw in the washer and it doesn’t stain. All evidence of your night is washed away in one quick load. I’ve been eyeing the Fascinator ever since I’ve discovered my abilities to squirt. My partner loves making me squirt but he wasn’t the one washing three towels, two throw blankets, and two comforters every time it happened. Something had to change because the mountain of laundry was getting old.

Monday, July 7, 2014

TMI Tuesday 7/8/2014

What better way to restart my blog than with a TMI Tuesday? Want to join in the fun? Head on over to TMI Tuesday and play along.

1. Summer clothes are more revealing than winter clothes. What is the skimpiest outfit that you wear out in public?
I have a crocheted black tank top with an open weave and silver beaded fringe that I wear with shorts. It's my motorcycle party outfit.

2. What summer outfits turn you on when you see other people wearing them?
 I think it's more the person than what they're wearing.

3. Summer is hot! Sex is hot! Do you find that hot summer weather leads to hot summer sex?
I don't think my sex gets any hotter any time of year. It's pretty banging all year round. 

4. It’s summer and oysters are off the menu (or maybe not, see
http://www.salishseafoods.com/pages/myths.html). What foods are the
aphrodisiacs of summer?
I honestly have no fuckin clue.

5. Summertime is hot and thirsty time. What is your favorite summer drink, alcoholic or not?
Peach black tea, water, and margaritas. 

6. Two traditional vacation destinations to beat the summer heat are the mountains and the shore. Where do you like to go?
Mountains! I miss the mountains so very much. 

7. Summertime is road trip time. Do you like to go on vacation by car?
No. I get car sick easily.

8. Summertime is experiment time. What are you going to do this summer that you’ve never done before?
Hmmm. I don't have anything planned. Someone make a suggestion!

9. Summertime can be hazardous. What summer threat do you fear most? Possibilities: bugs, wildlife, heat, lightning…
Storms! I just moved to the midwest and these storms are new to me.

10. Summertime is summer fling time. Have you ever had a summertime romance? How far did it go?
Negative ghost rider. 

Bonus: Summertime is Festival time–music, art, seafood, and more. What festivals have you attended or will you attend?
A few concerts and local motorcycle group parties/festivals

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Five Months Later

How exactly do you come back from a five month hiatus where you all but disappeared off the face of the planet?

I'm not sure, but let me try.

First of all, let me be honest with you guys. This past summer, after graduating college and moving back in with my parents, I became pretty damn depressed. I've been battling a serious anxiety disorder for a while now and every once in a while it spirals into a deep depression. Being unemployed and out of school, I felt I had nothing worthy going on in my life. It was a scary period of time for me but I didn't open up about it to many people. I tried to deal with it by myself and it wasn't getting any better. Then after the EdenFantasys Fiasco, I became so exhausted and burnt out with reviewing, which was my one hobby that brought me some joy. All I wanted to do was lay in bed and watch TV or sleep all day long. I didn't have the energy to throw into my blog, which desperately needed it. Then Blogger announced that it wouldn't allow adult bloggers to post third party links to make commission, which frustrated me to no end. I became really discouraged. I started pulling away from the blogging community and my Eden friends towards the end of summer. In August, I got a job at a local sex store that prohibited me from continuing my blog. I used that as an excuse to completely stop all activity related to my blog without any explanation.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Mood Naughty Small: Training Wheels For Your Bum!

Review: Doc Johnson Mood Naughty Small Butt Plug


  • Function: Butt plug
  • Material: Doc Johnson's Platinum Silicone
  • Lube compatibility: Water-based 
  • Overall: 4.5 out of 5 stars
  • Perfect size for beginners
  • Comfortable for long term wear
  • Material
  • Inexpensive

  • May be too small for some
  • Won't be useful for too long
  • Lint magnet
  • Can hold onto odors

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

TMI Tuesday: June 25th, 2013

Look guys! My first TMI Tuesday! This week's topic was "sex talk & sex ed." Could I have chosen a more perfect topic to start with?

1. Have you ever investigated having an open relationship?
- Have you tried to have an open relationship?
 My partner and I have investigated an open relationship but it didn't work out. He was open to me seeing another person but things fell apart. C'est la vie. We're not looking to keep our relationship open at this point but I think if someone else came along, we'd explore opening up our relationship or even entering into a polyamorous relationship. Until then, we're happy with just each other.

2. Do you have any sexual phobias?
Oh god, never ever choke me or gag me. Don't even touch my neck. People who touch my neck or choke me must have a death wish. I will gag, flail, punch, kick, bite, and vomit. Do. not. touch. my. neck. I can see the appeal of it for other people but it is something I can not stand.
- What have you done to manage or overcome them?
I'm not trying to overcome it. I kind of have no desire to overcome it. My partner understands I'm terrified of being choked or gagged and he respects it.