Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Be paitent

Hey guys,

With all of the new "changes" on EdenFantasys, I'm going to be devoting 100% of my energy on my blog now. I have a few products to review at this point so I will be writing those soon. Hang in there with me as I get settled here in the world of sex toy bloggers. Your support means the world to me, and I'm not just trying to spew mushy bile to get you to stay. Any advice is welcome if you have any to give.

In the mean time, continue to check out my blog and follow me on twitter. You can find my profile here.



  1. Welcome to Blogger Land :)
    I will follow you and hope that you follow me as well.
    Camoprincess from Eden

  2. I'm stoked you're going to be blogging! I just started mine yesterday. I'm following you and hope you follow me back. :)

    -Tiana aka TJtheMadHatter

  3. Following your blog! Follow me back chica :)

    ~DynamicKitty from EF

  4. Ahh, THERE you are! Been looking all over the net trying to figure out which one you are after that hilarious review. You've made my day, thank you!

    ~ Secretly Sensuous from EF

    1. I realized I may be hard to find since my name is different than it was on EdenFantasys. I was just tired of using the same screen name I've had since fifth grade!