Monday, June 24, 2013

OH! There's my G-spot! Review: Jopen Key Vela

[Disclaimer: This item was provided to me free of charge in exchange for a review. This has no impact on my opinion of this product]

  • Intensity: High 3 out of 5, rumbly vibrations
  • Noise: 2 out of 5
  • Material: Silicone and plastic
  • Powered by:  Four AAA batteries

  • Girthy!
  • Rumbly vibrations
  • Silicone
  • Waterproof
  • Storage pouch included

  • It could use a bit more power
  • Only one power setting
  • Battery powered

When Jopen announced their new line, the Key line, I was pumped. The Key line was meant to be an affordable line that still included luxurious aspects that made Jopen's other lines so popular. With the exception of one, all of the Key vibrators are battery powered as opposed to their standard rechargeable vibrators. When I had the chance to review a part of the Key line as soon as they were released, I chose the Key Io. The Key Io was a weak, buzzy little thing with two interchangeable sleeves.  I was let down. I read other reviews on the Key line and other reviewers seemed just as disappointed in the Key line as I was. I had given up on the Key line all together. Fast forward 7 months-- I'm given the opportunity to review the Key Vela. It was the one part of the Key line I hadn't read a lot about so I jumped on the opportunity. I'm so glad I took a chance and revisited the Key line.

Jopen Key Vela
Compared to the O2 Flurry
Vela is the Latin name for the sails of a ship. The design of the Vela makes the silicone look like fabric rippling in the wind. These ripples provide slight texture. I personally can't feel the ripples in use but I'm pretty insensitive. While I'm talking about the design, let me tell you about the size of this big boy. At its thickest, the Vela is 5.5" in circumference. All of this girth is firm with very little give or squish. To put this in perspective, my Tantus O2 Flurry is thinner than the Key Vela. I don't consider myself a size queen but I do prefer my dildos and insertable vibrators to have some substantial girth to them. With a little water-based lube, the Vela is absolutely perfect for me. It slides in with little effort and provides me with an excellent feeling of fullness without any pain or stretching. It's almost like the Key Vela was designed just for me. It fits perfectly.

The first time I used the Key Vela, I wasn't expecting much. I turned on some porn, lubed up my Vela, and was feeling pretty ho-hum about the whole thing. In my hand, it didn't feel that powerful but I did notice it was really rumbly. I expected it to feel pretty lackluster when inserted. Imagine my surprise when I inserted it and it instantly made my G-spot stand at attention. I actually gasped in surprise. My G-spot never responds to anything. I've tried many different G-spot vibrators and G-spot dildos. Sure, they all felt great but I always reached for a clitoral vibrator to get myself off. The girth of the Vela and firmness of the silicone paired with the rumbly vibrations feel amazing on my G-spot. After a few thrusts and twists, I was able to orgasm without any clitoral stimulation for the first time ever. I've been using sex toys for five years and I've never found anything that works for me vaginally like the Key Vela. Am I in love? You betcha.

Even better? The Vela is waterproof. I'm a huge fan of waterproof vibrators. Living at home with my parents means I have little opportunity for alone time. There's usually always a vibrator in the shower with me. It's usually my We-Vibe Salsa or my JimmyJane Form 2. Now the Key Vela has joined the rotation of my shower buddies. The only downside to using the Key Vela in the shower is the fact that I do need to use lube with it. Water-based lube easily comes off in the shower so I have a hard time keeping it lubed up in the shower. I'm working on this issue by searching for the perfect lube. Any suggestions for a water-based lube that performs well in the shower? Leave me a comment!

There are seven settings on the Key Vela. Similar to the rest of the Key line, there is only one power level. I actually really hate that fact. I'm a fan of steady vibrations. Patterns generally just piss me off and I don't like being mad and horny at the same time. Thankfully, I can tolerate the one steady vibration setting on the Vela but I do wish there were more. The one power level, which Jopen calls "high" is a high 3 out of five in terms of intensity. If I use the Key Vela on my clit, I can orgasm but it takes me a little while longer compared to some strong clitoral vibrators I have. It doesn't shine as clitoral vibrator but that's not what I use it for anyways. When using the Key Vela vaginally, the only pattern I do use is the fast pulse. The fast pulses feel like small electrical jolts on my G-spot. Delicious. Using the Vela on the pulse setting and pairing it with a clitoral vibrator...oh boy. That's just asking for a mess.

Overall: 4.5 stars out of 5
Packaging and storage pouch
I completely retract any negative statements I made about the Key line in general. Sure, there are some flops in that line but the Vela is a shining star. I love the Key Vela. I don't think I can say it enough. I love the girth, smooth silicone, and rumbly vibrations. The fact that it's waterproof and has an included storage pouch definitely add some bonus points. I'm giving it 4.5 out of 5 stars because I do wish there were more steady vibrations settings. A little more power would also be fantastic but you can't expect a jackhammer to run on four AAA batteries. 

Interested in the Key Vela? Pick it up on It's currently on sale for $63.99!


  1. Hey, thanks for this - I've been looking for something for my wife's next birthday and this may just fit the bill. We have two vibes (one Lelo and one by Fun Factory) but they are both not suitable as dildos. This may well provide a new avenue to try. She gets off with clitoral stimulation (vibe) but I'd like to see if we can find her G spot, so hopefully this will help?

  2. Awesome review! I too am fleeing from you know where and I know how difficult it has been for me to getting blog going so congrats! I reviewed the key Ceres original and while I liked it I endorse the evolved roulette line over the key line due to price and strength. Curious- did pinkcherry send you this for free? I didn't think that pink cherry sponsored reviews.