Friday, August 2, 2013

Mood Naughty Small: Training Wheels For Your Bum!

Review: Doc Johnson Mood Naughty Small Butt Plug


  • Function: Butt plug
  • Material: Doc Johnson's Platinum Silicone
  • Lube compatibility: Water-based 
  • Overall: 4.5 out of 5 stars
  • Perfect size for beginners
  • Comfortable for long term wear
  • Material
  • Inexpensive

  • May be too small for some
  • Won't be useful for too long
  • Lint magnet
  • Can hold onto odors

Anal stimulation is one thing my partner and I both feel a little indifferent about. We're both curious but we're in no rush to stock our toy collection with butt plugs. Up until I bought this little gem, I hadn't had anything bigger than a single finger in my bum. The Doc Johnson Mood Naughty Small seemed like the perfect transition from a single finger to a real butt plug. I was right--dontcha love that? The Mood Naughty Small is really easy to insert when lubed up. Just a dab of my favorite water-based lube and it slides right in without any struggle. I don't need any warm-up before using this plug, making it easy to use on a whim. The silicone feels extremely comfortable, even during sex. The Mood Naughty works well to enhance your experience during both solo play and partner sex. However, because it's so small and comfortable, I didn't really feel it when it was inserted. For me, I found that the Mood Naughty served as a way to get over that mental hurdle of "holy crap there's something IN my butt!" Even though I didn't always feel it, I knew it was in there. My partner couldn't feel it during sex either. However, it was a good way to get used to the idea of wearing a butt plug. Anal play can be uncomfortable for a lot of people since society likes to push the idea that anal play is taboo and gross. Aside from a physical warm-up, anal play can also take some mental preparation the first few times. I love my Mood Naughty for helping me become completely comfortable with the idea of wearing a butt plug. I affectionately refer to it as a set of training wheels preparing me for the real stuff.

Such a little guy!
The design of the Mood Naughty is very traditional. It has a conical shaped body with a narrow, flexible neck. The body is 2.25" long and 2.75" in circumference (.85" in diameter) at it's widest near the base. It tapers upwards to a tiny .25" in diameter at the time. The neck of the plug is slightly less than 1" in length. The base is shaped like a rounded triangle. It's 2.25" long and is only .85" wide at it's widest point. The base is actually really comfortable. You can wear it with the wide end of the base facing towards your vagina (or penis) or facing towards your back. Whatever is most comfortable for you. For me, the base is small enough that it isn't uncomfortable to have the wider end nestled between my cheeks. The base is also small enough that it doesn't cover my vagina, making it easy to wear during sex with my partner.
Barely larger than my middle finger

This plug is made of Doc Johnson's Platinum Silicone. It's smooth and flexible with a slight amount of give. It's non-porous, latex free, phthalate free, and hypo-allergenic. Silicone can be cleaned with soap and water before and after each use. It can also be sanitized by boiling it or washing it in the dishwasher without any soap. I find that this plug can hold onto odors even after cleaning with water and toy cleaner. After washing it thoroughly, I let it air dry on my bathroom counter and I usually let it sit out for about 12 hours. I find that letting it air out gets rid of the butt funk on it. Apparently silicone plugs can get quite stinky over time so I've done some research about how to remove lingering odors. Some people say airing it out works every time, others say that boiling usually works. I've also heard of other people storing their butt plugs in a plastic bag with a coffee bean or two in the bag to get rid of odors.

I personally love the packaging for the Mood line. It's stylish, informative, and can work for storage if you don't need anything fancy. I keep my Mood Naughty in its original packaging within my toy box. If using the original packaging isn't your favorite, I'd recommend storing this in a plastic bag to keep it from collecting a coat of dust, dirt, and lint.

Overall, I really enjoy the Mood Naughty Small but I won't be able to use it for very long. I need to invest in a few larger plugs here in the very near future as this one is so small. It's a great beginner plug but anyone with any anal experience will find this plug to be pointless. 

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