Monday, July 7, 2014

TMI Tuesday 7/8/2014

What better way to restart my blog than with a TMI Tuesday? Want to join in the fun? Head on over to TMI Tuesday and play along.

1. Summer clothes are more revealing than winter clothes. What is the skimpiest outfit that you wear out in public?
I have a crocheted black tank top with an open weave and silver beaded fringe that I wear with shorts. It's my motorcycle party outfit.

2. What summer outfits turn you on when you see other people wearing them?
 I think it's more the person than what they're wearing.

3. Summer is hot! Sex is hot! Do you find that hot summer weather leads to hot summer sex?
I don't think my sex gets any hotter any time of year. It's pretty banging all year round. 

4. It’s summer and oysters are off the menu (or maybe not, see What foods are the
aphrodisiacs of summer?
I honestly have no fuckin clue.

5. Summertime is hot and thirsty time. What is your favorite summer drink, alcoholic or not?
Peach black tea, water, and margaritas. 

6. Two traditional vacation destinations to beat the summer heat are the mountains and the shore. Where do you like to go?
Mountains! I miss the mountains so very much. 

7. Summertime is road trip time. Do you like to go on vacation by car?
No. I get car sick easily.

8. Summertime is experiment time. What are you going to do this summer that you’ve never done before?
Hmmm. I don't have anything planned. Someone make a suggestion!

9. Summertime can be hazardous. What summer threat do you fear most? Possibilities: bugs, wildlife, heat, lightning…
Storms! I just moved to the midwest and these storms are new to me.

10. Summertime is summer fling time. Have you ever had a summertime romance? How far did it go?
Negative ghost rider. 

Bonus: Summertime is Festival time–music, art, seafood, and more. What festivals have you attended or will you attend?
A few concerts and local motorcycle group parties/festivals

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